Catskill Mountain Leather Braided Laces

Catskill Mountain Leather Co. Inc. is proud to add these beautiful Braided Laces to our list of products available to enhance your custom moccasins.

The price of your laces depends on the height of your moccasins. (number of buttons tall)

Email us with your height of your moccasins and what color laces you would like. We will create an invoice for you and then you can make your purchase.

1 button tall $99.00
2 buttons tall $99.00
3 buttons tall $99.00
4 buttons tall $149.00
5 buttons tall $149.00
6 buttons tall $149.00
7 buttons tall $199.00
8 buttons tall $199.00
9 buttons tall $199.00
10 buttons tall $199.00

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